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We appreciate your inquiry into Wholesale Grocery Salvage, and More.

Product is made available to you from our affiliated holding facilities & warehouses through-out the US.

Also, Please know.....dependant on your location, in certain states, and/or area parimeters, we may be dis-allowed to sell to some buyers loads,

as per our agreement with our suppliers. This is not unusual as with licensed and copy-written names sometimes. Some corporations dis-associate themselves

 from the Surplus and Salvage Grocery and merchandising business. Our method used "Associated Warehouse Holdings",

was created years ago to save buyers from expensive freight charges, Moving shipments from one point to another,


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We ask that you be patient with us in receiving our responses via E-mails.

Sometime we are overwhelmed with return email and calls.

We would ask that you give us 1-3 days for a return call, or email.

If you get no reply, PLEASE !! Try again every once in a while.. "NO HARM DONE"..

** ALSO, Help us to Help you! Customarily we ask our customers to set up their own freight shipping with a carrier.

However, We are able to do this for you, BUT.... we would ask that you call a few companies first

to get a general ideal of what your shipping costs will be from whatever location you are wanting a load from.

Many times, potential customers want our product, just to find out later the freight charges don't suit them at all or the costs are

 explosive, and then, "usually",they'll cancel their order leaving us with the expense of wasted time.

Our site provides a contact page of listed Trucking Companies, Approved for this service. There are many more available as well.

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Send us a brief note if you have any questions here  !


Check out our available offers and listings as they become available, JUST STOP BACK IN FROM TIME TO TIME ! 

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* We are no longer shipping freight from the Newcastle, Pa Facility,